10 June 2010

A "not so brownie" brownie?

I mentioned in my earlier post that I was looking for a brownie recipe. I sourced through a few fellow bloggers' recommendations and decided to give Edith's Moist Brownies a try.

Frankly speaking, I was never a brownie person. Brownie, to me, is something dry and not so interesting, even when goes with ice-cream. I do not know what prompted me to try to bake one. Maybe it's the need to try something new, rather than some same old cakes and breads.

The recipe wasn't too difficult to follow, thankfully. However, I made a mistake of trying to bake the same amount of ingredients intended for a 8" pan, into a 6" pan. Needless to say, my brownie took forever to cook. Since it was my first time making brownie, I wasn't even sure when it should be considered done. In the end, it took about an hour before the stick inserted was no longer wet. The top of the brownie was already turning dry and I had to tent it for the second half of baking for fear that it might burn.

My brownie was quite tall, when out of the oven. To my dismay, it started to collapse quite a bit upon cooling. So much so that the top cracked and tore off from the brownie! I wasn't confident at all whether it was even eatable.

Once cooled, I couldn't wait to test it. Surprisingly, the result turned out really good! Although I'm not sure whether mine was the correct texture, it probably was a good mistake, if it was one to start with.

It was moist and dense, yet not heavy. I can't find the perfect word for it, but the kids adore it. DS said this was probably one of the best cakes I've made (initially he thought it was a cake). I may try it again. But this time I'll make sure I use the right amount of ingredients for my pan size.

The kids requested to have pizza for dinner. I was quite reluctant as it was already 6pm then and I knew I would not be able to make the pizzas in time for dinner. They insisted they were not hungry and can have a late dinner. I had no choice but to quickly set to work. I used Happy Home Baking's pizza dough with mixed herbs. I added 1 tsp of mixed herbs instead of 1/2. It was a good choice. I love the aromatic base and the kids had no complains too. This dough recipe is a keeper.


Blessed Homemaker said...

I've shortlisted the same brownie recipe! But like you, I'm not a brownie person as I don't like the dry texture too. So when I saw the word MOIST on her blog, I've bookmarked it but never get a chance to bake it. Thanks for the reminder! I have simply too many recipes on my To-Do list :P

wendyywy @ Table for 2 or more..... said...

Moist is nice:)

KWF said...

Blessed Homemaker, when you try it, let me know whether yours is similar to mine. I've already shortlisted another brownie recipe to try. Need to get chocolates first.

Wendy, can't agree more with you! :)

Kitchen Corner said...

Although your brownie had baked for 1 hour but it's still moist and dense which are most of the brownie fellow like it. It looks very sinfully good! I think using a wrong 6" pan would be great too! Because can feel its thickness. Good bakes!

edith said...

I love this recipe as it produces a moist fudgey type of brownies which I like.

Sorry for getting back to you so late. I just gotten my new reading glass and I am happy!

May Low said...

Nice brownie & popping by to say hello.