09 June 2010

A slow death

I'm slowly killing my blog. Haven't been posting for months and I wonder if anyone still bothers to read. My passion for blogging has been reduced to almost nothing. At times I just don't feel like posting something for the sake of posting. Moreover, I haven't been baking new things. It would have been boring for you guys to read the same thing over and over again. I guess I'm one of those whose passion in something always cool off after a while, 三分钟热度, which can be quite bad.

Some of what I've done recently, nothing spectacular though.

Green tea Azuki buns - not a favourite with the kids

Blueberry Chiffon - can't say it's totally successful with the blueberries sticking together

Plain swiss roll - something I'm still trying to master. Yet to get the right texture. I'm really bad at swiss rolls!

One of the nights, I decided to cook something different for dinner. It was well received by hubby and kids. Effort worthwhile. :)

Grill fish for the kids. Sides are creamy mashed potatoes (too creamy though) and mango prawn salad.

Steak for the adult

Ever since I learn the tips from KC members, I was able to get the perfect medium rare which hubby and I like.

Lastly, luncheon buns for today's breakfast, kids' favourite.

I'm looking for a not so sweet brownie recipe to try. If you have one to share, do let me know. TIA.


WendyinKK said...

Haha, I'm reading now....

KWF said...

Thanks for your support! ^_^

Kitchen Corner said...

I'm here to read your blog. You've actually made so many good foods. It doesn't matter what you post up here, the important thing is you make all the foods from your heart. That's good enough and your family sure enjoy it. I like to read your blog, please keep going!

Blessed Homemaker said...

I'm still here too :)

KWF said...

I'm so glad to have "met" you girls in this cyberworld. Thanks for staying around after all these years. :)

wendy said...

Hi, I am new to blogging, and love your blog and pictures of your delicious looking cooking!
I like making cakes too.
I hope you don't stop blogging. : )

Pei-Lin said...

Hey, KWF! Please don't stop blogging!

To be honest, I was a regular reader of your blog during my college days in the U.S., which was like beginning since 2008!!?? Anyway, I can't really recall exactly when ... And I've gotta say I've learned a lot from you by being a silent reader back then. Thank you! =)

But as I graduated and relocated back to my home in Malaysia, and since I started work life and blogging, I find it hard to keep up with every blog! Seriously, we're getting more and more blogs here. Worse comes worst, it's hard to visit each of them. Rather hard to please everyone; hence, my inactivity in visiting yours these days. Oops, I dunno why! Just slipped my mind ... till now! That's why I'm here checking on you ...

I'll visit you whenever time allows. I promise. BUT in the meantime, please DON'T kill your blog! We need you! =)