12 August 2010

Time to do some blogging

My pictures have been piling up. If I do not clear them, very soon, they will go into the Recycle Bin.

After my last attempt of moist brownie, I wasn't really satisfied. So I went on to search for more brownie recipes to try.

Attempt 2 - Jamie Oliver's brownie

Great taste, but my pan size is obviously wrong to be able to yield this super thin brownie.

Attempt 3 - White brownie

A self-experiment which turned out to be a disaster! I wanted to make a white brownie using white chocolate. So I tried to modify the moist brownie recipe to use white chocolate. I ended up with a super sweet dense cake instead. Yucks!

Attempt 4 - Back to Jamie

I decided Jamie's recipe is worth trying again. This time I adjusted the ingredient and amount and got my own version of perfect brownie. Don't you think so? LOL... This will hence be the recipe to use whenever I feel like baking brownie.

Besides brownie, I also tried Jamie's Banana and Honey bread.

Although I really love his brownie, can't say the same with the bread. It's best eaten fresh from the oven. Once overnight, the texture is compromised.

Did some Naan for dinner one night after seeing the easy-to-follow recipe on Gina's FB. I did two versions, onion and cheese. Both were good, the kids love the cheese ones.

It's 11:55pm now. My eyes are threatening to shut down any minute. Must be the effect of the medication starting to kick in. I shall let the pictures of my bake today end this session.

Waiting to be transformed...

...into this!

My forever lousy deco skill...


Trivial... I sliced off the top of the cake for deco reason and had a big piece left (almost 9"). My girls who were eyeing the cake were happy that they can finally lay their hands on something. I told them not to finish the whole piece of cake as it was nearly lunch time. They really listen to what I said and left this.

When I questioned them, one of my girls answered, "we didn't finished the cake what". *fainted!*


Happy Homebaker said...

What a great update on things that you have been baking! I like the brownies, they look so moist and fudgy!
My kids would probably give the same remarks just like your girls if they were give the chance ;)

wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

True true... they didn't finish up the cake :)

KWF said...

Kids nowadays are just too smart for us!

Jess @ Bakericious said...

so many baking, yummy! and your gals are so cute hahaha...

Blessed Homemaker said...

Hahaha! She's not wrong to say that ;-)

BTW, between Jamie Oliver's and Edith's, which is moister? And which do you prefer? I haven't got time to bake any brownies yet.

KWF said...

Blessed Homemaker, I still prefer Jamie's version. But Edith's version is the wetter one.

BTW, just saw your comments in my Project Mission Impossible blog. I haven't been updating there. Am now updating my progress in Facebook instead.

opportunityknits said...

brownies and blackforest cake are always winners and yours look good!

edith said...

Wow you have been busy. Keep it up.