04 October 2010

A last minute bake

One of my cyber friends saw the birthday cake I did for DS and asked me to help her bake a cake for her 17 year old, whose birthday was just a few days after DS. I was hesitant in the beginning for a few reasons. There were only two days left. I wasn't confident of my skills to accept a request, which is why I have not been taking orders despite having a few requests. Baking for family is totally different from taking orders.

However, I was touched by this mother's love and sensitivity towards her daughter. So I agreed to help her in the end. I did an Oreo Cheesecake for her as that was her girl's favourite.

It was a rich and sinful version, the same one I did recently for my hubby's birthday.

Next comes the design, which was the challenging part. I'm one who work very much based on impromptu ideas without prior planning. I had a long time thinking of how I should dress up the cake. I have never bake for a teenager and was worried the design would be too childish. It took me a few rounds of change (yes, literally changing the design on the cake!) before I finally settled on this. Even the surrounding greens and flowers were decided in the last hour before collection. I still feel birthday cakes should have a bit more colors, rather than just plain old black.

I was relieved that the birthday girl love the cake. Hopefully she can feel the love from her mom through this cake.


Jess @ Bakericious said...

the cake is pretty!

KWF said...

Thanks, Jess! ^_^

Blessed Homemaker said...

What a great idea to added those colours, at least it's not the usual black and white cheesecake.