02 May 2008

Strawberry Wine - Day 3

The fermentation of the strawberry wine seems much stronger than that of the grape wine. There were more bubbles and big ones too!

Don't you think they look a little like soap bubbles?

In fact, the fermentation was so strong that the bubbles actually "escaped" from the jar and trickled down the side of the jar (this particular jar is not air tight). So if you're thinking of making strawberry wine as well, perhaps it would be better to fill it up to less than 80%.

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Mood: happy


gina said...

WF, my strawberry wine is very sweet..and the wine flavour is not so strong. However, the smell of strawberries was very strong. I harvested more than 750ml this time round. my in-laws loved the taste and flavour. But they also prefer the starfruit wine. I am going to make it again..tomorrow.

KWF said...

gina, starfruit wine is on my list. I'm looking forward to harvesting my strawberry wine. It smells really great!