05 May 2008

Strawberry Wine - Day 6

Everything is going great for my Strawberry wine. There is much more wine as at today.

The bubbling continues to be active. Probably need a few more days before the wine is ready for harvest. See how ugly and unappetising the strawberries look after they've oxidised.

A little residue is collecting at the bottom of the jar. Beautiful wine color, isn't it? I'm obsessed with beautiful wine!

Mood: cheerful


gina said...

oy, WF, I am making lychee wine today! ah lao bought 1 kg, but not very sweet. only very juicy..so I am using it to make wine. After removing seed and outer skin, only left 500g in weight. :(

QQ red apple said...

aiyo, you are so great, can cook, knitting, baking.... even making very own yeast. Can I use any kind of fruits? any advices? wanna try but not dare enough... hahha

KWF said...

gina, you're forever a step ahead. Looking forward to hearing good news from you.

qq red apple, I'm not as great as you think lah. If you're interested to start your own fruit wine, you can try with fruits that have more natural yeast like grapes. So far I've only tried grapes and strawberries. There are a few others who have tried starfruits, green apples and oranges with sucess. I see that you're a reader of 周老師's blog. She's got loads of good information of making fruit wine at home, definitely worth a reading.

sam said...

so the jar isn't airtight, but it will keep bacteria out? I guess maybe the CO2 pressure? like having a balloon on top of a gallon jug with holes poked in it? that's the way i was trying to make some strawberry wine, but it started filling up the balloon with liquid because i filled the jug too much, so i had to pop off the balloon and drain some out and put another balloon on. Now i'm worried it might be spoiled, it's not smelling so great, started it on sunday

KWF said...

sam, you need to loosen the jar cover everyday to let out the carbon dioxide. Since you just started on Sun, it might be too early to tell. Is your wine still bubbling? Watch out for mould. Once you notice any mould in it, discard all and start again. As long as no mould is growing, it should be fine. Usually I do not disturb the wine during the fermentation. And of course all your equipment must be clean and dry before you start. Wishing you success!