01 May 2008

Strawberry Wine - Day 2

The fermentation of the strawberry wine seems to be slower at first look as there isn't much change from the first day. I had to look back at the 2nd day of my grape wine before I realised this has indeed more bubbles than the grape wine.

The wine level had also increased pretty much. Perhaps it was because there were more strawberries this round compared to the grapes the last round.

See how pretty the wine is! I'm so happy with it. And I can smell the sweet strawberries when I sniffed at the cover...lol...

See next update here.

Mood: happy


Yuri said...

Congrats wf, wine and jam look very good indeed. I must get some glass jars and bottles so that I can make some wine too lol

KWF said...

Let me know when you start, yuri. The strawberry wine smells very good!