05 May 2008

My new hobby

Recently I'm into a new hobby, gardening, specifically edible plants.

I just found out the little plant in a can I started half a month ago is called Sword Bean. You can find out more about it here.

I've just replanted the fast growing plant into a small pot and shifted it from my window grills to my balcony water pipe. Hope it'll like its new home.

I'm now trying to germinate the seeds of the Roselle plant. Hope to see some results these few days.

Mood: excited


Anonymous said...

Exciting! Try growing french beans too, it's a short plant and doesn't climb. Last yr we grew it here and I was so happy. We have here something that looks like french beans but it's not. I had been craving for our singapore's type of french beans and I took the chance in growing it. I was so happy when I could reap the harvest. Can't wait to see yr results.

KWF said...

Lol...Sandra, my place is too small to turn it into a garden. One of my Roselle seeds seem to have germinated! I'm not too sure as this is the first time I'm growing plants. I've planted the seed to a small pot. Hope it'll grow into a seedling soon.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, I love gardening...I used to grow many pots of afrian violets in my office (when I was working full time). I started planting some chilli seeds last week...and todaym the seedlings are about 4-5cm tall :)
I'll like to try mint too!

KWF said...

HHB, I have an ex-colleague who's very good with African Violet too. But I heard it's not easy to take care.

Which kind of chilli you planted? Those which can be eaten?

I'm interested to try my hands on Japanese pumpkin next. But now is my Roselle first. :)