30 May 2008

My little "garden"

Well...not exactly a garden. It's just a little corner in my balcony where I indulge in my new hobby of gardening. It all started with that little bean in a can which has now developed into this.

Then I attempted to plant Roselle from the seeds collected from the fresh fruits. Don't have much luck with that. I've sowed more than 20 seeds, only 3 germinated. Out of the 3 seedlings, 2 have gone to the plant heaven and the remaining one doesn't look too good now.

The only ones I've more success with are the Japanese pumpkins, not the mini ones though. I collected the seeds from a piece of organic Japanese pumpkin bought from Cold Storage. Planted 6 of them and all 6 germinated!

I've planted each of the seedlings into individual pots. This was how they looked like 3 days ago...

and now.

Have re-potted one of the seedlings to a big permanent pot.

I'm still considering what to do with the other 5 as I doubt I have that much space to pot all 6 into big pots. Probably need to give some away.

At the same time, I'm also germinating some tomatoes and phlox seeds which I haven't got much success either. I'm contemplating whether I should start on African Violets (AV) since they seem pretty suitable for my environment, one that doesn't receive much direct sun. I thought they would be charming at a little corner of my balcony. But I guess I better take things one step at a time...lol...

Mood: happy


Anonymous said...

Hi WF, I love yr enthusiasm in growing plants. If I may suggest, try growing tomato upside down. I just potted one upside down and I am waiting to see how that turns. I also read about growing potatoes in a bag (trash bag), you dare to give a go?
How about a chilly plant?
All the best in yr endeavors,

Anonymous said...

Hi WF, singapore has this *Community in Bloom* project. I found this page


Some residential estates seem to have this project. Check if your estate is involved. Good Luck!

Yuri said...

hey wf, u have green fingers! all the best with the rosella and the other plants

KWF said...

Thanks Sandra for your info. I will be getting some gloxinia next. ;)

Yuri, you're wrong, I don't have green fingers. Hopefully the plants don't die under my hands. My last roselle finally left me and join the rest in plant heaven. *sob sob*

Waimun & Jean said...

hi jade,
once all your seedlings grow up, u are going to have a lot to cook with :D

btw, what is tat bean plant u are growing up the pipe?

KWF said...

rummi, that's my first plant, the sword bean. :)