25 May 2008

White Rice Wine - What happened to it

Do you still remember my white rice wine which seemed to have frozen in space?

Well, after more than a month, nothing seems to be changing. The good thing is, I can once again smell the wine fragrance near the opening, which seemed to be a good sign.

Today I decided to harvest it, after 35 days of fermentation. The rice wine looks like diluted milk. I've placed it in the fridge for it to separate.

I was merrily sieving and throwing away the rice residue until I recall these can be used for cooking. By then, at least half of it had ended in the refuse bag. Arrgghh...what was I doing? I kept the rest into a glass jar and leave that in the fridge too. Shall give it to my aunt as she mentioned she likes to cook with it.

I tasted a little of the residue and a drop of the wine. Both tasted pleasantly sweet. The earlier sour taste seemed to be gone. Will test some more after the wine has separated.

Mood: excited


gina said...

WF, Good job! milky is the first day after harvesting. When it settles, the wine will be clear and on top, the residue will be at the bottom of the jar. The rice residue can be use for making the 3 Day Huat kueh or cooking too.

KWF said...

gina, I'm giving my remaining residue to my aunt since I'm not a huat kueh fan...lol...

Elinluv said...

Welcome back :) Ofc all of us miss you. I have tried out the Cream Cheese Bread and have posted it up on my blog for you my 'sifu ' to view...haha Thanks a lot for your kind and generous sharing :)

Wished I could make this rice wine for I am also like this rice wine but have not confident in trying this out myself...maybe later you can guide me to it (",)

KWF said...

elinluv, making rice wine is not difficult. As long as all your equipment is clean and your rice is soft and totally cooled off, you should be ok. You can always check with me when you're ready to start. :)