03 June 2008

Mango Pudding

I've been slacking in my baking as I'm now too "poisoned" by plants. Just bought a pot of African Violets on Sun. Hopefully it doesn't die under my not-so-green fingers.

Bought 6 honey mangoes at $10 a few days ago. They were not in tip-top condition, so I had to think of what to do with them. Used 2 to make some mango pudding using Rei's recipe.

I was being too experimental. Instead of using white sugar, I used those orangy-looking sugar. So the pudding looks a little orangy and not as appetising as Rei's. Taste wise, I find the gelatin smell to be rather prominent (probably because I've added a little more gelatin than the required amount). But the 2 girls still finished them without complain. Darren has been quarantined from the puddings due to his fever and cough (yes, again).

I've got a few items on my to-bake-list that I had wanted to do this holiday, but all put on hold as I know the boy would complain again if I say "Darren, you cannot eat this...".

Mood: bored


Elinluv said...

Wow..nice mango pudding :)
Wish your son speedy recovery from his cough and fever.

Sandra said...

Hi WF,
Wishing yr son to get well soon. Take care. AV are nice looking by the way. do you wish to propagate the plant.

KWF said...

Thanks elinluv and sandra. Darren is ok for his fever, but still coughing quite badly. Doc said it'll need a bit of time to fully recover.

KWF said...

And yes, Sandra, I'm trying to propagate the AVs by water now. Not too sure if it'll work. Will share with you again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wf

hope your son is better now!

i have tried the same recipe for the pudding but mine didn't turn out shiny at all. in fact, it looks dull...taste wise, it is alright. any idea what could be the reason?

btw, just to update, i have tried your lor mai kai recipe. it is really easy and tastes great. next time, i will cut down on the sesame oil and add more soya sauce though for the rice. The recipe is a keeper, thks for sharing.


Sandra said...

Hi WF,
Last yr I was a bit overboard with the AV. I tried the water and failed miserably. However, when I sticked a leave into new soil it flourished almost immediately. But hehehhehe I lost interest soon on the AV.
My gf in spore does hers with the water method and it works good for her.
Just to share with you.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, I used to grow several pots of AV in my office while I was still working full time. It bloomed and bloomed. However, I didn't have much luck when I tried growing a pot at home :(

KWF said...

octopusmum, glad you like the lor mai kai. For the mango pudding, you may want to check with rei, she may have a better idea.

sandra, my AV propagation shows no signs of success yet. still waiting...

HHB, AVs grow well in cool condition. maybe you want to try growing them again, but this time choose a cool corner of your home. But me still learning also lah.