22 April 2008

Grape Wine Making - Day 2

Despite my day not turning out too well, my grape wine seems to be progressing as expected, though slowly. Almost a day (in terms of hours) has passed since I started the fermentaion. The juice/wine level has increased slightly.

I also noticed little bubbles starting to appear on top.

Hope to see more bubbles coming up in the next few days.

See next progress here.



Anonymous said...

may I ask how long must you ferment the wine before using?Can the wine be used for cooking too?Looking to seeing more succesful stories,hehe....Ur food pics look so tempting that I cant wait to try it out.Thanks.


KWF said...

hi mianbao, the grape wine takes about 7-8 days to harvest into new wine, which can be consumed. You can also leave it longer to age it.