24 April 2008

Grape Wine Making - Day 3

Compared to my white rice wine, my grape wine seems to be progressing faster, or at least I can see more changes here.

These are the pictures I took this morning, on the 3rd day.

Although it looked pretty much the same as before, there is actually more bubbles compared to the previous day.

There is also a little more wine produced. You can now start to see a layer of cloudy wine settling at the bottom of the jar.

I have been deligiently loosening the cover to let out the carbon dioxide, at the same time paying attention to see if there is any unusual sight. Luckily everything seems fine.

See next progress here.

Mood: satisfied


Yuri said...

omg, i am so tempted to try now... this is for drinking or cooking? :S

KWF said...

yuri, I made this to drink. :) Only need 7 days to harvest, but I'm thinking of leaving it a little longer.