06 January 2008

Lapis Cake

My mum loves Lapis Cake. When I told her I was going to learn baking the last round, she asked me to learn that cake and see if I can make one for CNY.

Although the lesson didn't cover that cake, I was lucky to find some recipes from KC. Tried making it today and it turned out nice, very soft. I was very happy as this is one of the cakes which I can make without failing at first try...lol... It is not really difficult, just a lot of work. As I'm only testing the recipe, I only made half of the actually recipe (and that already used 12 egg yolks!).

I'm going to bring the cake to my mum to test tomorrow. If it passes her, I'll do the full portion the next round. That should give me a bigger and taller cake as well.

Mood: happy

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