06 January 2008

Honey BBQ Bacon

Another great recipe from KC.

I've seasoned the meat for two days. Cannot wait already and decided to grill them in my oven today. The first batch I did turn out all black as charcoal and ended in the rubbish bins as I've placed them too high up in my oven. The later ones are more "controlled". They're very nice, just like those Rou Gan sold outside. My mum jokingly said this year no need to buy Rou Gan for CNY anymore.

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Yuri said...

Hi KWF, we exchanged comments on KC about pineapple tarts, hope u remember me. Could you let me know where I can find the BBQ Bacon recipe on KC please? Thanks a lot.

KWF said...

Yuri, yes I remember you. :) Sorry, didn't know I've missed out the link. Have added it in. Happy trying!