21 October 2007

Cuppies lesson 5: Now to the frosting

Time to move on to try frosting. I've got only less than a week's time before little Karina's birthday.

Today I tried a self-modified buttercream frosting from Wilton's recipe. I used 1 cup shortening, 2 tablespoon water, 1 teaspoon Vanilla essence and roughly 360g of icing sugar (the original recipe calls for 500g which I seriously suspect will be too sweet!). The icing turned out firm, good for piping. But there was something not quite right with the texture. It was grainy. (Found this word from the internet while searching for common buttercream icing problem and I was like...Ahhh! Just the right word to describe what I've been trying to say.)

From my little research, it seemed to be due to the quality of the shortening, which I suspect may be the problem. Perhaps I should try using unsalted butter instead of shortening. Read about all the minus points of shortening having trans fats and not as flavoury. The only plus point is perhaps it can hold longer and better in our humid weather.

Anyway I still go ahead to experiment with the piping using that grainy stuff and these are what I get.

My first buttercream frosting

Mood: experimenting


Mong said...

Your piping skills is not bad at all!

KWF said...

lol...still in baby stage...