20 October 2007

Cuppies lesson 4: The road to success!

Today I finally see a ray of light at the end of my tunnel. LOL...that was how I feel after seeing my 4th batch of cuppies today. Seeking Mong's advice, I headed down to Phoon Huat to buy my oven thermometer today.

I tested the Hershey's "Perfectly Chocolate" cupcakes today. Realised my Tefal oven is not producing very stable and even temperature. The temperature can varies quite a bit. I ended up having to adjust the temperature a few times while watching the thermometer closely. My son even commented, "Mummy is watching the cupcakes"...lol...

Cupcakes baking in the oven, with me watching closely over them...

This batch of cuppies did turn out much better than the last few batches. Look more like the "correct" cuppies (according to my amateur gauge *grin*). Taste really chocolaty and soft. My son ate 2 1/2 within 2 hours! Though there are still a few "open faces", there are quite a few nice ones. Hopefully they'll get better as I continue my testing. I think I can move on to try frosting the next round.

"Perfectly Chocolate" cupcakes

And I just learnt that I may have a chance to learn baking from my idol, Mong. How exciting! Hopefully I will have more details to share in the near future.

Mood: thrilled

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