23 September 2009

Mini project

It's been a while since I last did some serious cake decoration. The last was the Barbie doll cake for DD's 5th birthday.

This year I had the honour to be in charge of the cakes for my little niece, Charis' birthday party. She will be turning 4 in a few days time. The party was held earlier this Monday since it was a public holiday. My dear cousin (her mum), K, has chosen princess theme for the cakes. She wanted cupcakes instead of a whole cake (save the trouble of cutting). After discussion, we decided to use pink and purple as the main colour scheme. Charis especially requested for rainbows in her cakes. She's a little princess who adores rainbows. She'll include them in all her drawings.

I didn't have much proper planning this round (what's new, right?). I was glad I manage to deliver my promise in time for the party as I had only started on the decoration after 11pm the night before the party!

I hope the little princess was happy with the cuppies. Every little girl at the party was eyeing for these limited edition "click clock high shoes". LOL...There were only two of them.

Picture speaks louder than words. You'll see from them that my piping skill has lots of room for improvement.

And these were what I did earlier on but never find a chance to post them up.

Chocolate pancakes (yes, I've finally tried to make them from scratch)

Vanilla cupcakes

I have at least 2 more projects down the road this year. Time to get some serious planning done.


Kitchen Corner said...

Very pretty cupcakes! The little princess sure enjoy it. Very very good job!

KWF said...

Thanks Grace! :)

May Low said...

Thumbs up for u... the cuppies is very nice... Well done! How i wish i can do that too..

Jackie said...

wow, this is not a MINI project, very nicely done and looks yummy !

Rosmalia said...

Hi, may add your blog to my link at my blog? (I link your blog to mine)
I like your post about bread...:)
Nice blog

shuey said...

Hey there.

Is it possible to share the recipe because I want to surprise my best friend on her upcoming 21st birthday next month and your cupcakes are so pretty!!
Thanks =)

KWF said...

Thanks, ladies!

Rosmalia, thanks for your link.

shuey, not too sure which recipe you're referring to. The cupcakes are plain vanilla and chocolate flavour. Decoration is done using off the shelf icing/fondant as I'm lazy to make my own.