19 August 2009

I am bad

I've been neglecting my blog (and almost everything else) ever since I got hooked on Facebook games some 3 weeks ago. I'm still playing them now, but have learnt to slow down a little (or have I?). It's very addictive. I used to set timer for baking, now I set it to remind myself to login the game when time is up to collect the game money. Yes, that was how bad I have been.

As such I haven't been baking much these few weeks, except for the recent Chocolate cupcakes for the kids to bring to their teachers for Teacher's Day. I still had two outstanding "old" bakes done in early August which I have not put up in my blog. I reckon I had better put them up now before I really forget about them.

I tried my hands on bread roll.

It wasn't too difficult except that I probably should have underbaked the bread a little so that it doesn't crack during rolling.

I rolled in some cheese and ham slices with a mixture of tartar sauce and mayonnaise. Simple and yummlicious.

I bake this during the National Day period, for hubby's birthday. Can you guess what it is?

It was actually an Oreo Durian Cheesecake. Hubby has been mentioning the Oreo Durian cake from some hotel quite some time back. Maybe he was hoping I would do one for him. I didn't want to do a sponge cake (I still have inconsistent result with sponge), so I twisted it into a sinful cheesecake instead, with chunks of Oreo in it.

And one final happy news to share with all of you. I've finally bought my KitchenAid! Yes! A bright Orange fellow that sits on my kitchen top everyday. Had it for $599 at the recent Robinson sale, a good deal.

Am going to churn out some goodies with this fellow now so that it justifies the cost.


blessedmum said...

Finally you've got your dreamed Kitchen Aid mixer so no more arm muscle training 了. Be adventurous in your baking with your new equipment. 拭目以待咯!

wendyywy said...

I'm having the same prob.. hooked to Restaurant City, Barn Buddy and FarmTown.... my blog's slowed down too due to this. No time to write up and edit pics! Hahaha!


Only S$599???? Wow! Here in KL its Rm2,899!!!

Kitchen Corner said...

Hey, so happy for you have got a KitchenAid mixer. You will be very busy with it, enjoy!
The bread roll looks interesting. I must try out the roll using bread.
Oh.. the cheesecake looks awesome! I bet it's very yummy! Durian and oreo must be a good combination huh!!

edith said...

This is a good deal! I had the same one and I think I bought it at S$699.00

Jackie said...

what a cool 'toy' you have in the kitchen !!Can i come play masa-masa...hahaha

Anonymous said...

I have try to bake the chocolate wassants. But it turn out too hard.

I would like to know which is better, a bread machine or a kenwood mixer?

Do you have any email address that I can send to ask for your advice?