19 March 2009

The end of my baking journey?

Ever since I embarked on the new journey of coaching ds on his schoolwork, I really haven't got much time on hand. As I read my fellow bloggers' works and see their beautiful creations now and then, it can be rather depressing. It feels like everyone is improving and I'm still stuck at the same spot. At the back of my mind, I have no regrets, as I know that is what I have to do rightfully. Well, maybe I'm not in the right mood today, so please pardon my little "sulkiness".

I did squeeze out a little time two weeks ago to bake a little cheesecake. Well, not that little, it was a 9" Black Sesame Cheesecake. I had some Marie biscuits and black sesame left, so this seemed the "sensible" choice.

I used the recipe from Alex Goh's Fantastic Cheesecake. This is not that kind of cake that will give you an exclamation mark. Perhaps it's best described as "a normal cheesecake". Not that it's not tasty, but just not something that I will miss for days.

Now that I've read Edith's latest venture into the new bread technique, I'm dying to get hold of the book to try for myself. But I wonder when that would be...

Mood: moody


Snooky doodle said...

really interesting . I ve never tried cheesecake with sesame seeds :)looks delicious

KWF said...

It's not too bad for a change, but I'm not a big fan of black sesame despite its goodness. :)