23 August 2008

An update of my little brick & mortar "garden"

I did a few hotdog, ham-n-cheese and tuna rolls last sunday for breakfast. They're easy and simply delicious! Occasionally must wake up and make breakfast for the family lah, else hubby will complain I only take care of my 4th, 5th, 6th...kids (aka my plants...lol...)

Ham N Cheese, Hotdog Rolls

For those who're wondering what's happening to my little garden, here's a brief update. (Sandra, I hope you're reading this.)

I've got a total of 3 racks now, instead of 2.

2 racks are stacked up together (due to space constrain) and placed on the left of my balcony. They're for my gesneriads and begonias and any carnivorous plants (see how my interest has spreaded like wild fire?). The rack on the right are for plants that needed more sun.

Left rack
1st layer - Gloxinia seeds growing and leaves propagation, Sinningias plantlets, Leaf Begonia leaves propagation
2nd layer - AVs, Sinningias, Leaf Begonia & Gloxinia

Some results of Gloxinia leaves propagation

AVs & Sinningias

Mini Sinningias - Lisa

Mini Sinningias - Amizade


Some Gloxinia on wick watering slowly converting to semi-hydroponics

3rd layer - AV leaves propagation, DIY "plant hospital" to house plants for recovery
4th layer - Sundews, AV leaves propagation

Oncidium pusillum (mini orchids)

Right rack
Sunflowers, Miracle Fruit, Roselle



Sword bean which has been growing like nobody's business, getting messy

Are you inspired to start your own garden? I hope I haven't frightened you away instead...lol...

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Anonymous said...

Hi WF,
I absolutely love your plants. I never knew mini orchids existed. Beautiful aren't they.
WF, you know french beans plants or dwarf beans plants grow and stay short. I harvested alot of beans this year. If you want seeds I can send to you by mail. My pleasure.
Begonias are lovely.
ohhhh I am so excited for you.
Happy gardening!

Anonymous said...

Me again.
WF, if ever u interested in making macrame pot hangers, here's one page that might interest you. Also got instructions for simple ones.

Anonymous said...

Wah... KWF, I know by the look of the pics, you are already crazy on gardening... Good keep it up
By the way you can join the below website to widen your interest.


I was a sleeping member there for some time.

Unknown said...

O yea, I want to have a little garden as well. Though I am holding it back till after I move.

Gina Choong said...

WF, my plants have been gobbled up by the rabbit..so how to grow anything now? kek sim!

KWF said...

sandra, thanks for your beans offer, but I seriously doubt I can grow edibles coz they generally need quite a lot of sun. All my sun-loving plants are not doing well. :( I think I'm going to concentrate on my gessies, begonias and carnivorous plants.

cindi, I'm already a member (jade)there. What's your id?

Ms. _____ 2 be, when you moving? Looking forward to seeing your little garden soon.

Gina, how about hanging them up so that your rabbit can't reach them?

Anonymous said...

Wah...WF, you've got roselle & miracle fruit. Wish I am in Singapore, then I can get some cuttings from you they grow bigger.

Sandra, would you mind if I ask some from you? Want to start a garden with aall edible plants.



Anonymous said...

Alannia, where are you at? I am in the netherlands. Do you have a garden centre near your place? If you have land, it's better to buy a whole box (which contains alot). But if growing in pots, then it's not worth buying a box.

Anonymous said...

Alannia, I see u r in M'sia. I did an online check, Ebay.com.my under Oriental vegetable and fruit trees sells it cheap, 6 RM. Good news is they have so many other seeds available. Fruit tree seeds too. Take a look. Good Luck on your growing of fresh vegetables. Success!

Anonymous said...

Alannia, you are a blessing in disguise. Thanks to yr request, I did a search and now I also found ebay singapore that sells seeds too. If ever I need to get seeds for asian vegetables I know where to get them. We have limited asian vegetable seeds here. Wahhhh I was so excited when I found that page. They even have seeds for tropical fruits. Too bad they won't grow here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sandra. Now I know where to look.

KWF, sorry for 'tumpang-ing' your blog.


KWF said...

No prob, Alannia. But I think you'll need to wait a long long time to get a cutting from me, coz my Roselle has not been doing well. :( My place is not really suitable for edibles (which require lots of sun). You want some Roselle seeds to plant in your garden? I can mail you some. Send me a PM thru KC if you want, ok?

Jennifer said...

Hi I was just wondering where did you get the seed for your sword bean? The way i can find them is if I search for them as magic beans ( because that is what they are (the red ones anyway) and the only cheap place I can find them is on ebay which are 10 for $2 ( I live in the US). I want them so i can have them grow on big string tepee to make sort of a little club house out of them that you can go in. the size of it will be the size of our old pool ( cause it killed the grass). thx for your time.

KWF said...

Jennifer, yes, they're also referred to as magic beans. I got mine from a local gift shop. 10 for $2 is quite cheap, compared to mine.