12 August 2008

Sinful temptation

I did an Oreo Cheesecake on 8 Aug (no, not to celebrate National Day, but for dh's birthday) using a recipe from Alex Goh's Fantastic Cheesecake.

It is not a difficult cake to make, but uses 3 blocks of cheese and 3 packs of Oreo cookies. You can imagine how sinful it is!

The top wasn't very evenly baked, one side was a little lighter than the other. But nonetheless, it was absolutely rich!

I love the chunks of Oreo cookies in between the cheese, they add a little texture to the cake and balance things out nicely.

Dh must have loved it coz he had additional serving on the next day (he's not a cake person, unlike me ).

Mood: satisfied


opportunityknits said...

All your latest cooking and baking photos are making me feel hungry :)

KWF said...

Thanks for dropping by again. Glad to see your new blog entry. Just take it slow and easy. :)

Precious Moments said...

A belated birthday wish to your DH. This is one cake that I dare not venture into. Too rich and we can't afford to put on those calories. LOLZ.

BTW, KWF, I wanted to learn how to knit socks. Do you know how. Care to teach me?

KWF said...

Thanks Edith for your well wishes. I agree, this is the kind of cake that you can only eat it once in a blue moon!

I've not tried knitting socks yet, though it's been on my to-knit-list. Can try, but I only know how to follow patterns...lol...

Rei said...

Finally see you back! :D

Sandra said...

WF my dear friend, finally you wrote. Am so happy to read an update.
Happy Belated greetings to your hubby. He is blessed to have a wife like you. Love the cake, yep, sinfully rich. Enjoy yah!
How's your gardening getting on? update lah if you have time.
Just know that you are being thought of and how I would love to meet you someday.

Elinluv said...

Nice cheesecake :) A belated birthday wish to your hubby.