09 May 2008

Preserved Roselle

This post is a little late, it was supposed to be "published" yesterday, but I was busy revising composition with ds. Now that all three kids are in school, I have a little time to catch up with my blog.

My preserved Roselle is finally ready.

I took some to Karina's teachers and they both like them. They even ask for the recipe.

The ones I did (left in the pic) are more crunchy as compared to those sold in titbits store (right in the pic). The color is also much darker. They really make a good snack for munching.

I hope I can grow the Roselle successfully so that I can preserve more in future. One of my seeds seem to have germinated. I wasn't too sure as the root look so tiny and dainty. I've planted that seed into a small pot. Hope to see it sprouting soon. Please don't die on me ok?

Mood: pleased


Rei said...

WF, found another use for the preserved roselles. I baked them in bread. Ahah.

KWF said...

Just saw your result, rei. Impressive! I don't have much preserved roselle to spare (until I can successfully grow my roselle), so I'll eat them as titbits for now. So addictive!

Florence said...

Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!

KWF said...

Thanks Florence! Same to you, though a little belated. :)

zhengning said...

My aunt calls them 'ribena flower'. Haha, i wonder if they are used to make ribena lol!

Es'mommy said...

May I know where do you get the fresh roselle? i don't remember seeing them in the wet market around my place.

KWF said...

Es'mommy, they were given to me by a friend. I haven't seen the fresh ones in market too.