02 April 2008

Welcome to the world of MACARONS!

I've long wanted to try my hands on these tiny little creatures that have been causing much rave in the blog world quite some time back (I know, I know, I'm always behind the trend). Hey, they're supposed to be expensive stuff! So knowing how to make them sounds like a great idea, don't you think so? However, the lack of courage (after numerous failure stories around) gives me an excuse to put it off until now. Today I'm just in the testing gear again (though I've been feeling tired and sickly since I got out of bed this morning).

I followed Bernice's recipe as she's provided very good and clear instruction on how to make successful macarons. However, I did not blend the dry ingredients, I simply took the easy way out and sieved them through (wasn't very easy way out though).

As my piping skills sucks, I followed a tip I've read from one of the sites, to draw the circles on a baking paper, then turn it around for piping the macarons. It helps a lot.

I carefully reminded myself to preheat the oven only after I've finished piping the little ones. Knowing how temperamental my oven could be, I even set it to 10°C lower. When the temperature just hit the required 170°C, I happily popped in the tray and waited eagerly in front of the hot oven.

Then the drama started. Oh no, the temperature continued to go up to 180°C! I further adjusted the temperature knob down, hoping it would quickly come down. But the stubborn oven (just like its owner) refused to give in. Then I saw something that look like little feet coming out. Supposed to reduce to 160°C now, quick! Give the knob some more turn, still couldn't cooled down fast enough. Arrrggghhh...I was cursing the oven inside me (got kids around, cannot curse openly). Some of the macarons began to erupt, I think it's due to the high temperature. After the full 20 minutes of dramatic moments, I finally removed the tray out from the oven. The final temperature was at 130°C. :(

Half of the macarons failed badly. They had domes or volcano holes due to the eruption.

I don't think my macarons are correct yet. They look more like little big macs rather than little hamburgers. And they're super sweet! Too sweet for me and the kids. But I like the texture, crisp on the outside and chewy inside, a bit like very sweet wafer.

I'm probably going to experiment some more with it since I'm left with some grounded almond. Besides better temperature control, I also need to test if reducing the amount of sugar will have any dramatic effect on the macarons.

After note (8:00pm):
I just did my second batch of macarons, this time reducing the amount of sugar to 25g and icing sugar to 40g and increasing the ground almond to 35g. Not too sure whether I've beaten the egg white wrongly or due to the "experimentation" of ingredients, this batch ended up a total flop! No legs at all and the macs sank in the centre! :( And the worst thing is, they're still super sweet! So I think that marks the end of my Macarons experiment. I'm not going to waste more ingredients to churn out these super unhealthy little creatures! Good luck to all who wish to try! :)

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Gina Choong said...

Wah ..WF..so clever! I haven't done any Macs yet. I find it way too sweet too. If I do make it, I think have to give to neighbours. maybe ring Rei to come and pick up!

Yuri said...

wf, wow wow wow! I was v swa koo didn't know about macarons until I went to Tokyo last year. I tried it, and wondered what the rave was all about lol very sweet was my verdict and not impressed. Then I saw so many baking this at home, wow! Good try!

KWF said...

gina, I've given up on them. They're simply far too sweet for me! I don't think I want my kids to eat these stuff.

yuri, you not the only swa koo one coz I also don't know what are macarons until recently. I just want to try making it to see if it's really that difficult. Conclusion is, I think I'll rather do chiffon cake! hahaha...at least that is not so sweet!

Rei said...

WF, but at least now you know how it's like to make it. I agree that a good guide is important. The last recipe I followed asked to deflate/press the egg white. Haiyo, total flop. After 2 tries, I gave up. Though I have a sweet tooth, but it's way too excessive for me. My conclusion, macs are overrated and no, I won't be a convert. :p

KWF said...

Agree totally, rei! I don't know how people can swallow that amount of sugar. I end up feeling all uncomfortable in the throat after eating them.