01 April 2008

Pizza or Bread?

Did a batch of pizzas for lunch yesterday. Enjoyed it very much and did another batch for breakfast today. I got the dough recipe from one of the Chinese book on bread. It looks exactly like a bread recipe! So maybe I should call this pizza bread rather than pizza. Whatever the name, as long as it's nice, I won't bother that much.

And I tried my hands on the Shanghai Red Bean Pancake today.

I love mine with very thin skin, though not sure if that should be the authentic way. For those who're interested to try, you can get the recipe from Jo's Deli. I used my home-made azuki bean paste for this and discovered that my bean paste is not that sweet. So for those with a sweet tooth, you may want to increase the amount of sugar if you're following my recipe.

Mood: tired


Yuri said...

hey wf, shanghai red bean pancake is one of my favourite snack! I may take the lazy way out and buy azuki paste from Daiso instead haha

KWF said...

yuri, if you're going to make, maybe fry the azuki bean paste with a little oil first. I find mine a bit dry as compared to those served in restaurants. And try half recipe first coz it churns out quite a lot.