27 April 2008

Is this the end?

I noticed something amiss in my rice wine during the last 2 days. The amount of wine seems to have stayed stagnant. There wasn't much bubbling and the top layer of the rice appear dry and grainy.

Gina suggested me to open the jar after the first 7 days and give it a good stir to mix the wine and rice together. Today is the 8th day. So I open up the jar this morning and gave it a real good stir before closing the cover again.

And then I started to panic by the afternoon. The whole thing looked like a jar of congee, all mushy and cloudy, no longer grainy like before.

I tasted a little of the wine, as suggested by a fellow KC mate. It was a little sour. I wasn't too sure if that marked the end of my rice wine. I was so demoralised the whole afternoon.

Later in the night, I felt a little better after reading Gina's reply to my query in KC. So, it is supposed to be all mushy and gooey after the stir. So, it is supposed to separate itself in a few days' time (we shall see). And since there isn't any mould growing in the jar, I'll just let it continue with its fermentation process, as suggested by Gina. Keeping my fingers double-crossed that it will turn out well!

See next update here.

Mood: worried


Gina Choong said...

WF, sorry, didn't reply to your sms. was at family gathering, noisy like hell, can't hear anything until I was charging the phone. 2 weeks ago, a lady came to my place with her 2 jars of wine. I am like a doctor for wine fermentation..taught her how to salvage it. She also thot the wine died on her.

KWF said...

No worries, Gina. I thought you might be in class. If anything happen to my wine again, I'll visit you. :D

ting said...

hello wf, hope your wine-making turns out successful! Will check up on your latest updates :)

KWF said...

thanks, ting. :) I've harvested my grape wine today.

PY said...

You should try to make our hakka people's rice wine.It can be used to cook hakka rice wine chicken(客家黄酒鸡),very delicious !