29 April 2008

Half successful buns

Did some wholemeal buns yesterday by modifying the dough from the Nugget Salad Bun.

I did some small raisin buns for the kids.

Some Chicken Floss Roll-up Buns.

And some disastrous Rotiboy/Coffee Boy (whatever name you'll like to call them) buns.

What happened was, the dough started opening during baking and the butter started erupting like volcano lava. I watched in dismay as the butter trickled down the opened dough into the tray. Soon I had buns all soaked in oil in a hot oven. What to do? I couldn't possibly remove them from the oven and seal them back again. So I just left them as they were. I ended up have to bake the buns longer in attempt to dry up the oily dough a little.

Surprisingly, the buns tasted quite good despite their rotten presentation. Hubby, for the first time, wanted to have a second helping (which I stopped him). I will definitely try this again. Hopefully I will be able to make good pretty ones this round.

Mood: disappointed

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