30 April 2008

Grape Wine Making - Fruit of Labor

I harvested the grape wine today as the bubbling has reduced to a minimal.

Took out the fruits and seeds (I need to get a new sieve just for my wine). What was left was only the pink cloudy wine. Quite a pathetic amount though since I only used a small amount of grapes. Don't think I'll even bother to store it, will probably just finish it.

It looks like pink guava juice, don't you think?

I'm now waiting for the wine to settle and separate into its true colour. I've tested a little of the residue wine from the fruits. It was quite good, very fragrant.

See next update here.

Mood: satisfied


Rei said...

WF, I was thinking, maybe we should have crushed the grapes abit more? Should be able to get more liquid out of it?

Yuri said...

hey wf, must tell us how it taste, ok? so exciting, i must find jar first. btw, thanks for the advise ;)

KWF said...

rei, not so sure about yours, but mine was because I only used 672g of grapes, which is quite little.

yuri, I just had a drink, not bad at all! :D