01 May 2008

Grape Wine Making - The final verdict

The wine has settled much after leaving it for almost a day. I've taken 2 pictures to show you how the wine looks like.

Color of wine under a small white torch light

Color of wine under natural day light

Maybe because I did not remove the fruits well enough, a little fermentation seems to be still taking place, judging from the little bubbles gathered at the top of the wine.

I left the wine in the fridge to settle. Tonight I could finally pour out the clear wine (only a small glass) to celebrate the success of my first fruit wine.


As the wine hasn't really aged, the colour is rather light. A very pretty color indeed! Can't help but took another picture of it before I bid it farewell.

The wine must have been quite strong. Just such a small glass and I'm already feeling the effect of it. Even hubby who is a better drinker felt a little dizzy/sleepy. It was quite smooth and have a little sweet after taste though it wasn't a sweet wine. The residue wine seemed to have a stronger taste than the clear wine.

In my hurry to savour the wine, I had forgotten to measure the amount yielded. An estimation would be slightly less than 300ml of wine from 672g of grapes.

Now I'm looking forward to the harvest of my strawberry wine. Hopefully it'll yield a little more to share around.

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