10 March 2008

Yet another unsuccessful bread :(

I haven't got much luck today trying out my newly created recipe. :(

I wanted to bake pandan bread. I found a few recipes on the net on this bread, but none of them satisfy my criteria of not using any artificial ingredients such as colouring or flavour/paste. I'll try to reduce all these artificial stuff when doing home baking, unless really necessary.

The texture of the bread was good, soft and fluffy. But the taste/aroma is not right. :( The pandan fragrance is slightly present, but there's some other smell mixing in it. My mum said it was some kind of oil smell, like those present in deep fried food which uses unfresh oil. Now that puzzled me, as I've used all fresh ingredients, including the pandan juice. I suspect it's the red bean paste fillings I've added. The paste was the left over from my last round of buns. I've kept it in the fridge and did not think there'll be any problem. Arrrgghhh....

The dough before baked had such a nice bright green.

But after baked, the colour dulled to a faint greenish-brown. It seems like there is no way to achieve a nice green colour without adding artificial colour since I can't prevent the discolouration with the heat.

I'm going to try baking another loaf, maybe tomorrow, this time just the plain bread itself and see if there's any improvement. I was thinking of adding coconut milk into the bread as that will probably enhance the pandan flavour. But I was rather reluctant, on the other hand, as I worry about the storage of the bread with coconut milk. Also, that does not seem like a healthy ingredient to consider. And lastly, I may have problem using the remaining coconut milk. So I'll probably just skip that too.

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sweet-tooth said...

The bread still looks good despite it being pale green :)
Hope that your next try will be better!
Jia you!

Amrita said...

I think the natural green color is lovely, actually! If the color is too strong, it makes people think twice about the ingredients that go into the final product. Your buns look soooo fluffy! I'd be happy with them if I were you!! :oD

KWF said...

sweet-tooth, unfortunately, the loaf today didn't turn out too well also. :(

amrita, the texture is good. Just that the taste is weird and not like off the shelf pandan bread.