09 March 2008

Failed Bread

Didn't manage to get good bakes for the last 2 days. Did 2 cranberry yogurt loaves on Fri, both did not turn out desirable. :(

The first loaf I did using plain flour. The loaf was too wet, like a cake batter. I borrowed a book on bread from the library on Fri. It mentioned that plain flour absorbs less water than bread flour. That explains it.

The second loaf, I tried using bread flour. The dough turned out ok initially. But after the first proofing, it's become too wet and sticky again. I was wondering what had happened until I read that book. The cranberries I had added must have emitted more liquid into the dough as time passed, making it extremely difficult to handle. Because of the sweet fruits, the sugar content is also higher, hence resulting in a burnt crust in my loaf although I did not change the temperature and baking time. :(

When the loaf is finally baked, it was difficult to remove from my silicon loaf pan as it was too soft to support its own weight and retain its shape. As a result I have an out of shape bread. So all in all, I won't consider this a successful project although taste wise is still good as the bread smells and tastes of the sweet aroma of the cranberries. I won't give up on this. Will probably try it again at a later stage till I come out with a workable recipe to share with you bakers.

On Sat, I tried making Thai Mango salad (minus the spiciness). It's not really an authentic version, but still good enough to satisfy this fellow with its super tangy flavour.

Mix part of the mango, carrot and cucumber into my last box of Yee Sang. Yes, I know, it's way past CNY, but I just love this so much that I had to stock up some at home, every year. The combination was good. Tangy and sweet, just what I like.

And lastly, did a pandan fried rice today for lunch. The pandan fragrance is not very obvious (probably because my pandan juice is too watery) and the colour is a bit too light. The only comforting thought is, it's natural.

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Aimei said...

Hi! First time visiting your blog. Would love to try some of your recipes. ;)

Rei said...

Hi WF, did you use fresh cranberries for your bread?


KWF said...

hi aimei, thanks for dropping by. hope you'll like the recipes.

rei, I used dried cranberries, but the brand I used was a little wetter than the normal dried ones. Need more experience in making bread to have failed proof ones...hahaha...

Gina Choong said...

WF, pandan rice, you want the fragrance, this is what u must do. After extracting the juice to cook the rice, do not discard the leaves. Put the blended leaves in a tea bag pouch. and add that to cook the rice. Tea leaves pouch costs S$2 for a pack of 20 pcs at DAISO. its disposal. i use this to cook my Pandan coloured/flavoured Nasi lemak rice.

sweet-tooth said...

Sorry to hear about your bread...
I believe you'll make fantastic bread soon :D
Can't wait to see them :D

KWF said...

Thanks gina for that great tip! Too bad can't add that pouch into my bread. :(

sweet-tooth, I haven't got much luck yet. Hopefully all these dark clouds will be over soon.