20 February 2008

Tekka Tour cum Seafood Cooking Demo

I just came back from Gina's place after a sumptuous seafood feast! The seven of us reached Tekka at 9 and shopped till around 11am before we headed back to Gina's place for the cooking demo. We learnt a lot along the way and bought even more stuff for our own consumption. I bought some Thai Belacan to cook the Thai Belacan Fried Rice (Khao Kluk Kapi) which I had once ate in Tekka and couldn't forget the taste. Also bought some rice noodles to attempt Pahd Thai.

In her home, Gina showed us all her treasures of different types of chilli and fragrant home-made wine. She demo a total of 6 dishes today. We also had our hands-on on killing and washing crabs. Quite fun though a lot of work!

The best part is of course the food tasting. The seafood were simply delicious and we couldn't wait for all the 6 dishes to finish and started eating.

The whole class ended after 3pm with more than half of the seafood gone. I had a wonderful time. Now at least I'm more ready to kill crabs and cook dishes involving clams. Am going to go look for green mussels to try my hand on them this weekend.

Due to the timing of the class, I couldn't cook lunch today. So I fried an easy Spinach Fried Rice this morning for the kids.

After too much seafood, need to "detox" a little...heee... Did a simple vegetarian fried Mee Sua for dinner.

Mood: happy


Amrita said...

looks so vivid! good job :o)

KWF said...

Thanks Amrita! :)