20 February 2008

AnPan bread

I made some anpan bread yesterday as my girl had school excursion this morning and she wanted to bring something to eat. I feel that my anpan-man bread would have been "cuter" if the nose and cheeks were much bigger (so that they look more cartoon-like). I also experimented some new twisting (one of which is from my observation/"spying" when walking past bakeries...lol...).

And these are my lunch yesterday...simple sushi. My 8 year old son actually finished 8 pieces of them and my two younger girls had 5-6 pieces each too. They're sure sushi lovers!

Mood: satisfied


meg said...

Hi kwf

Your bread shaping skill is so good now, they really look very good.

I tried to make some bun myself yesterday, took me the whole day to do it. I was very disappointed because the bun was quite hard this morning not like those from the cake shop. Wonder if it's because of my kneading skill. Does the book you bought teach you the steps to knead the dough? How does your bun taste the next day. Sorry for the long post.

KWF said...

Hi meg, the softness of my buns will deteoriate a little the next day too, not as good as the first day, but not hard. Outside bread may have added bread improver which helps to make the bread soft and have a longer shelf live. But I don't like to use that. I find that if we use sweet fillings (like red bean, chocolate), the bread tends to get harder. Don't know if it's a coincidence. It could also be the recipe you use. Try this recipe from Hugbear. Storage is quite important. Don't leave bread exposed in the air for too long, it just gets drier, that's what happen to mine.

As for kneading, the book doesn't cover much, just 1 or 2 lines. I'm very bad at hand kneading myself, so can't advise you on that...sorry. Without my VM, I probably won't venture into bread making coz mine turn out very hard last time when I hand kneaded the dough.

meg said...

Hi kwf,

Thanks for the link, I'll try to do it again next week.

KWF said...

Looking forward to hearing your good news, meg! I just finished baking a cream cheese loaf. Super soft and yummy! I will wait for tomorrow to see how the bread turns to. Will share the recipe then, so keep a lookout for it. :)