26 January 2008

Lapis cake, failed?

I tried out another Lapis recipe from Florence's blog. The recipe attracted me as it uses only 10 eggs, the least I could find so far.

This time I also tried to control each level to be of the same amount so that it will come out a balanced cake. BUT my cake does not seem to be right this time round.

Not too sure which step I've done wrongly, but each layer seems to be dense, judging from the look of it. So I've got another failed product again.

Mood: sad


Pwincess Linfoong said...


i tried making the kuih lapis using florence's recipe and mine turned up like yours. I was wondering if you pressed each layer with a spoon, cause i did that and was wondering if that was the cause.

linfoong :D

oh yes! and happy cny! :D

KWF said...

Hi linfoong, happy new year to you too! :) I didn't pressed each layer with a spoon, I use my fondant press, which works like a lapis press. My dense & oily cake was because (1) I could have overbeaten my butter and (2) I didn't add cream of tartar to my egg whites, which I later found out is very, very important. So I hope these few pointers will help you solve your problem of your lapis cake. And don't forget to poke the cake with a toothpick after each layer.