15 December 2007

Basic Fondant Decoration Class

I attended the Basic Fondant Decoration Class today at Gina's residence. This is the first time I attend Gina's class. She's a very good teacher, very generous to share her knowledge with us.

She demo the Marshmallow Fondant (MMF) in the class and showed us how to cover a cake with it. Seems easy enough to handle. I'll probably be using that in future rather than rolled fondant which ended up a flop the last round I tried. The MMF tasted better too, not extremely sweet despite the amount of icing sugar that needs to be added to it. Will probably do some fondant cuppies next round for two gatherings in line.

After the demo we had our hands-on session. Our group had fun creating our fondant cuppies. I was rather slow and manage only to do two cuppies while some in the group manage to do three. But overall, everyone enjoyed the class. Gina was very generous and even bought us very pretty boxes for us to bring our "masterpieces" home.

The piglet didn't stand out as much as I want it to

I ended up buying more cookie cutters from Gina too. Some cute Disneys cutters that are too cute to be missed and some Christmas cutters which are great value for money!

Looking forward to the Basic Baking Class with Gina again tomorrow!

Mood: happy


Shirlynn said...


Shirlynn here ...happen to come by yr wonderful blog...wow will sure follow de...btw am very very new to baking since secondary basic learning fm my F& B class.Am planning to pick it up agin ya...can you recommend me which breadmaker to go for?Any tips on buying one?

Gina - is she yr baking instructoress?How much per lessons?


KWF said...

Hi Shirlynn, sorry for the late reply. I don't use breadmaker, so difficult to make recommendation. As for Gina, she's my instructor cum friend. You can check her out at kitchencapers.net.