17 December 2007

Basic Baking Class

I attended Gina's Basic Baking class yesterday at Chef's Secret Studio. We had lots of fun. Gina demo three cakes, Marble Cake, Cranberry Fruit Cake & Cotton Sponge Cake. All cakes taste wonderful. My favourite turns out to be the Cranberry Fruit Cake. Although I'm not a fan of fruit cake (in fact, I don't like most fruit cakes sold outside as they tend to bee too sweet), I find this recipe very nice. It's sweet, but not over-sweet. The cranberries are naturally sour, so it's a good combination with the cake. Will probably try my hands on the baking later.

I've also learnt a few tips from Gina's class. As always, she's very generous in sharing her knowledge with us. You won't feel silly asking her tonnes of questions. So the moral of the story is, attending a good lesson is still necessary if you really want to succeed in baking. It will save you a lot of unnecessary mistakes down the road. But again, because of the previous baking trial and errors I had, I was able to recognise the mistakes I've made earlier when watching the demo. Hopefully you'll see more successful bakes from me from now on...lol...

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