15 November 2007

My shopping spree

I spent the whole afternoon today going round getting the things I've been wanting to get.

I first went to Creative Culinaire to get Judy's Delightful Cakes. This little book features 7 different cake recipes. The best part is, it comes with a VCD (my main reason for getting the book). I've yet to watch the VCD but am already very excited about it. Hope to learn some techniques from it.

Next I stopped by Golden Dragon, my favourite yarn store. Had wanted to find some shrug designs for my two girls, but couldn't really find any nice ones. I saw one that I was really interested in making, but it's a Japanese pattern book. I hesitated in getting the book since I've yet to learn how to interpret Japanese readings. The "teacher" there wasn't really that friendly, so I don't feel like asking her.

The happier side of the trip was, I ended up getting something for myself...lol... Bought the Jaeger Handknits JB16 book which contains loads of gorgeous designs suitable for our local weather. I've already marked one of the designs to be on my to-do-list and bought some magenta 4ply cotton for it.

After that I went to Orchard to meet up with dh. Stopped by Kinokuniya to check out the knitting books there. This was the first time I had a good look at Kino. They've really got loads of books! I went to the Japanese section and saw the Hello Kitty Crochet New Vintage Look that I was so tempted to buy over the net earlier on. Flipped through the whole book and decided I won't get it. I was glad I found it there.

Looked through the books at the craft section and the magazine racks and finally bought the Dec issue of the Knit 'N Style mag coz I really like the Britney Top in it and am considering putting it on my to-do-list.

The end results of my shopping spree

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