15 November 2007

Christmas Log

I decided very "imprompto-ly" to bake a swiss roll for Christmas log yesterday night. So after dinner, I started work. I failed the earlier round while doing my swiss roll. I thought I would give it a shot again given that my experimental mood was kicking in again (very bad indeed).

This time I tried aunty yochana's sugar roll recipe. This recipe is different from the first one I used. This separates the egg yolks and whites. This time, it turns out a little better than the first round, but still not good enough. The cake was not dense, but it was a little coarse (first failure). I think I have problem with the folding in of my flour. I had a hard time getting that right and mixing the ingredients properly with this method.

While rolling the swiss roll, it cracked (second failure). But this was camouflaged by the chocolate buttercream that turned it into a log cake. I had a great time decorating the log though. Couldn't find any Christmas ornaments since this was a last minute unplanned bake. So just top it up with some jelly. Took the whole log to Olina's school today, together with the watermelon cookies for her school party.

Mood: tired

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