02 November 2007

My "regret"

It's been nearly twenty years since I learnt knitting (picked up the hobby from one of my secondary classmate). Although I've no problem in reading English designs, I still do not know how to read Japanese designs, which is quite a shame.

Compared to some other knitters, I do not know much about adjusting designs, just know how to follow and make slight modifications. So I guess there's a lot more to learn. I'm considering whether to take up some classes or just to self pick up, though I'm not too sure how far I'll go with my self learning.

Mood: a little gloomy


opportunityknits said...

Cheer up! I'll help you to understand Japanese patterns. I don't always know everything in a pattern but can get by mostly from the schematic and numbers and guessing the rest. By the way, do you know that there is a group of knitters in S'pore who meet regularly? I don't normally go because they meet on weekends and my weekends are chocful of family activities but you can chcek out their Website: knitforum.carabebe.com

KWF said...

Thanks, pal! :) Maybe we shd meet up one of these days. I also try to use weekdays for my hobbies, weekends are more for families. I'll check out the site you mention.