30 October 2007

Knitting slowly......

My knitting progress has been slow during this exam period. Another reason was I've been undoing a few times after I realised some mistakes. That's the consequence of trying to multi-task (coaching my son and knitting at the same time). And I've lost my cable needles bought long long ago. Being lazy to buy another set, I just used one of my spare needles to do up the cables.

Finally got a decent length to be able to show it here. I had a hard time trying to capture the design. Somehow it doesn't stand out as nicely in the photo.

You can refer to the design here. A very pretty tank.

Mood: sleepy


opportunityknits said...

I don't have cable needles and sometimes I just drop them off or use toothpicks or whatever is handy :)
Your cables look very nice. If they don't stand out as much as you'd like, it could be due to the yarn, cables don't pop so much on some yarns.
I'm glad exams are over!

KWF said...

If I just drop them off, I'm afraid I'll lose them, so I'll rather hook them on sth. I agree u don't really need a CN for that purpose though it's easier to handle.
I'm also glad the exams are finally over today! Yeah! (As if I'm the one sitting for exams)