31 October 2007

In celebration of end of exams :)

Today is the last day of exam for my ds. In celebration of freedom for him (and for me), I've made a Peach Marshmallow cake. Saw this from Hut of Cranberry and have been dying to try it. I later saw another similar version at Do what I Like. I've sort of combined both recipes and come out with my own version. Will need some modification after today's trial to achieve the standard I'm looking for. I'll need to

1) Make the crust slightly thinner
2) Increase the marshmallow fillings for my 9-inch pan
3) Make it less "milky" by reducing my amount of whipped cream and
4) Increase the topping to cover all the peaches.

Other than the above (as if not enough), all turned out well and the kids enjoyed it. At the end of the day, I'm left with less than half of the cake.

In stressful situation, I seemed to have developed baking craze that cannot be stopped until I've done up somthing and satisfied with it...lol... So here's what I did for dinner tonight (with the cake as dessert) - Pizza bread. Simply delicious and fool-proofed!

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