26 October 2007

Cuppies lesson 8: The final challenge!

In the end I forsake the Oreo cuppies baked and baked another batch of Hershey Perfectly Chocolate Cupcakes. Although the Oreo cuppies do not feel crunchy anymore after they've completely cooled off, the top is still a little "springy". A baking friend told me that's the usual way. If it's completely cooked, the top will not be soft. To have a softer top, she suggested removing the cupcakes befoe they are completely cooked, but that would mean they would sink a little. Hmm...seems like there is no perfect way. Or maybe I haven't found the perfect way yet.

I finished my baking finally around 8pm. After taking dinner and coaching my son a little for his exams today, I started with the frosting, the final lap. The buttercream I had made on Wednesday was hard after I brought it out of the fridge. (Ok, I learnt that we do not need to store buttercream in the fridge, but that was what the Sun Lik lady told me to do.) So I had to rebeat it till it was soft and creamy again. I took a totol of more than 7 hours just to frost 27 cupcakes, can you imagine that? I finally went to bed after 4:30am.

The end result was rather satisfying, though I got very sick of that buttercream smell after finishing the big project. And my mind got a little blank towards the last few cuppies. Though the little accessories used in the decoration are nice to look at, they're really not too nice to eat. Wonder if there's any "nice to look at and nice to eat" kind of decoration.

And here's what I've got.

Mood: exhausted


Jerri said...

hey. I love your cupcake pictures. The designs are very cute & colorful. I'm just starting to get into the whole cake decorating thing, myself. (wish me luck.)


KWF said...

Thanks Jerri for dropping by. I'm pretty new to cupcakes too. From all my posts you probably know that...lol... I love all the experimenting coz that's how we get to the final success. I really love baking though I wish I don't have to finish off everything myself (getting fat).

Perservere on with your cake deco. I'm sure you'll succeed with numerous practices.