25 October 2007

Cuppies lesson 7: Anyone got a clue?

I baked some Oreo cupcakes for Karina to bring to school to celebrate her birthday tomorrow. I realise the oven is very important. As my oven is not too big, I had to break up the baking into 3 batches.

First batch was my test batch of only 2 cuppies to see how much this recipe will rise so that I can gauge how much batter to put for decoration. These two were baked in the center of the oven. They turned out beautifully though the height was not really what I was looking for. The top is soft even after cooled. So I reduced the batter for my second batch.

Keeping the temperature the same using my oven thermometer, the second batch did not turn out as well. :( Upon reaching the required time, some of the cuppies were yet to be browned while others were already obviously done. Must be unequal distribution of heat in my oven. So I tried to turn the baking tray in hope that it will give the cuppies a more equal distribution of heat. Needless to say, this batch turned out a little "crispy" on the top due to the "overbaking".

My third and last batch turned out a little better than the second, but still not as perfect as the first. I'm beginning to wonder if the amount of batter matters. Maybe I've put in too little for the last two batches of cuppies for them to rise "perfectly".

Mood: pondering

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