18 October 2007

Cuppies lesson 3...failure again!

Decided to continue polishing my cuppies skills today. Did a Chocolate Cupcake recipe. Remembering my cuppies lesson 2, I test bake one cupcake about 2/3 full. The test cuppie rose high, almost overflowing. A little too high, I thought. So I decided to reduce the amount of batter to 60% full. That didn't turn out well too. Quite a few overflown. One of them sank terribly after baking and most of them had "open faces". Aren't cuppies suppose to have smooth faces?

Failed cuppies...

Open faces...

Sigh...another failure today and still pondering what went wrong. Wish I had a teacher to guide me what went wrong. It shouldn't be so difficult, but I'm just not sure why I couldn't get it right.

Mood: sad

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