09 October 2007

Cuppies lesson 2 :)

Today I decided to test my cupcake baking again. Chose a carrot cake recipe (my favourite) from Wilton's "Cupcake Fun!" book to try. I simply love that book!

Filled the paper cups 1/2 full and happily put them into my new oven to bake. This time I remembered to set the temperature to a little higher.

Cupcakes waiting to be baked...

The cupcakes turn out moist and yummy, not too sweet. However, the height is still not very desirable. So my lesson learnt this round is, whenever I try a new recipe next time, I must remember to put one cup to bake first and see how high it can rise.

Baked cupcakes...don't look like they've risen though they taste ok...

Next I try my hands on frosting, cream cheese icing to match the carrot cake. Did the Wilton recipe, but 1/3 portion. My goodness! It's very very sweet! Personally I find it too sweet, especially for kids. And my icing turns out a little runny. So I can only draw little designs on my petite cuppies...lol...

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