02 October 2007

Cupcakes craze!

I'm in the mood of baking and decorating cupcakes now! After reading through the various blogs on cupcakes and seeing all those adorable designs, I could no longer hold my strong urge to try my hands on them. But being a baking dummy (as always), I'm not too sure whether I can achieve that kind of results. But as the saying goes, failure is the road to success! So I still think I should just give it a shot.

I've registered for the Basic Cupcake Decoration class by B-I-Y, the Nov 17 session. Looking forward to that. Too bad the Oct class is already full. I had wanted to go for the Oct class, in hope that I will master it in time for my little girl's birthday at end Oct. Now it'll have to depend on my trial and error skill to see if I can "meet the deadline".

Mood: unsure

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