28 September 2007

Not enough of mooncakes?

I started making snowskin mooncakes this year during mid September. Bought a total of 8 flavours of fillings from Kwong Cheong Thye. Took about 22 hrs to finish most of them. The end result was this.

Although these look ok, they turn out disastrous, which I only found out recently from those whom I gave the mooncakes to...OMG! The skin was as hard as stone after a few days!

I think through what could have gone wrong and finally concluded that the problem lies with my wrapping. I've put in too much Kou Fen during the wrapping process, when I flatten the individual small dough and during the dusting of the mould. Sigh...a total failure for this project!

Luckily I got some guidance from Olina's teacher (yes, the one who made those cute little piggies). She gave me her recipe and also lots of tips on the making process. Tried it yesterday and this time it was a success! The skin came out super soft, even after the next day. The only minus point is, my mould is not seasoned enough to make flawless prints on the mooncakes. The dough keeps sticking to my mould this time!

Mood: pleased

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