13 February 2008

Sweet Buns

I ran out of bread today, so decided to bake some sweet buns for breakfast tomorrow. I also make use of this opportunity to test a second recipe (besides the Hokkaido Milk Loaf) on my VM to see if it works the same. And it does! :D I am so happy as that would mean I can go ahead to try different bread recipes despite not owning a bread maker.

The sweet bun recipe I followed today is from Hugbear. It's a wonderful recipe as the bread is soft even after cooled. I shall see whether the texture is preserved tomorrow morning.

These are what I've made with half the recipe (each bread dough about 45g). Obviously my shaping skill needs lots of improvement.

And my 20 litre oven can only bake about 8 breads at a time (and it's super cramp!). I need a bigger oven (my dream)!!

After note:
The bread stays soft even on the next day. So another recipe to keep. :)

Mood: not so pleased

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