30 December 2007

My latest "pet"

Recently I got introduced to the Vita-mix blender by Kat. She got me interested coz this is a high-performance blender that aims to provide healthy eating and living. It's the same blender used in Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves for their ice-blended. *yum yum*

I use it to make fruit juice everyday for the whole family. It makes whole fruit juices (including the skin, pulp and some seeds), so you get all the nutrition in the fruits. All blended into super fine texture in just 1 minute! The juice always comes out to be quite thick, more like a smoothie, so kids will love them!

From this...

To this, in just 1 min!

I've made vegetable soup with it, in 1 min and without cooking. The soup comes out piping hot with all the nutrition retained without the cooking!

Today I just tried home-made soya bean milk (with all the beans grinded inside to give a thick nutritrious drink).

Although the machine is very expensive (about $1700 but can pay in 12 mths instalments), I feel it's worth the investment considering I can spend less time to prepare better meals for the family. And it's a very lasting machine also. I know some have used it for 9 years and the machine is still going strong!

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Yuri said...

hi kwf, no kidding, cost $1,700? made soup with it WITHOUT cooking too? amazing...

KWF said...

Yes yuri. That's how amazing this machine is!

Anonymous said...


Can you this to do kneading ?

Where to buy this product ?


KWF said...

Hi Ling,

I've tried kneading bread dough with it, but not too big a dough, abt one loaf pan size is ok. I got it from BLife. You can try contacting them to check.