25 November 2007

Lime Cream Cheese Cupcakes

Saw this recipe a few days ago while browsing Edith's blog. It got me really interested since I'm a lime lover. Didn't really dream of adding limes into my cakes though I used them quite frequently in cooking. I decided to bake these to bring to Kat's home later (since I've been thinking of what to bake for my little nephew and nieces). Kat didn't like things that are too sweet, so I thought these would be just nice.

The result was truely satisfying (even though I omitted the lime rind)! The texture is light. The limes add a real tangy taste to the cream cheese, a perfect combination! I let my helper and children have a first try. They were full of praises for the cakes. My helper commented these were different from the previous cakes I had baked.

The only little "failure" was, my cuppies sank down again upon completely cooled. I always have this problem with my cuppies. Not too sure whether it's because I didn't put enough batter into the cups to bake. They will all rise nicely and then upon cooling, lose their height.

Instead of frosting with the lime buttercream or lime glaze, I decided to do a lime cream cheese frosting. I used the remaining 150gm of cream cheese with 80gm of icing sugar (which I find a little too sweet still), together with a tsp of lime juice. The cream cheese frosting turned out too runny for piping, perhaps it's because I let the cream cheese soften in room temperature instead of creaming it when it's straight from the fridge. So ended up I just top each cupcake with a little of the frosting topped with a little heart marshmallow.

Edith has very kindly agreed to let me post her recipe in my blog. So for those lime lovers out there, don't give this a miss!

Lime Cream Cheese Cupcakes

What you need:

130g cake flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
135g butter
100g cream cheese (room temperature)
170g castor sugar
1 tsp grated lime rind
2 tbsp Lime juice
2 eggs
a pinch of salt


Prepare muffin pan. Preheat oven to 175 degree.
Sift flour and baking powder together.
Cream butter and cream cheese till light and creamy. Beat in castor sugar untill light and fluffy.
Beat in lime rind and eggs, one at a time, until well combined.
Fold in sifted ingredients, salt and lime juice.
Divide mixture into pan.
Bake for 15 - 18 minutes or the skewer comes out clean.

Lime Glaze

80g icing sugar
1 tbsp Lime juice


Sift icing sugar into a small mixing bowl.
Heat lime juice in microwave on high for 15 seconds.
Stir in hot juice into the icing sugar and mix till smooth.
Glaze cupcake.

Lime buttercream

250g butter
500g icing sugar (sifted)
1 tsp lime juice
1 tsp lime rind


Cream butter and icing sugar till it is light and fluffy.
Add lime juice and rind and beat for another min till incorporated.

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Edith said...

good job. Seems like you like knitting too.

KWF said...

Thanks Edith for dropping by. And thanks for allowing me to post the recipe here. I will probably baked these again as we couldn't have enough of them the last round (each only had one). Hopefully this time round they don't sank in too much.

Do you like knitting too? :)